Steps To Write a Good Composition

What should you know to write a good composition? Actually, quite many things: spelling, grammar and punctuation rules, the ways how to build the structure, express your thoughts, find the right words. In general, you have to be a writer to succeed. Nevertheless, there are lots of excellent compositions written by ordinary students. So, probably they know some secret which helps them to be efficient. In fact, there is no secret, as you just shouldn’t think that composition is a huge problem but kind of a fun or magic. Yes, it is real magic when you make small steps and after that, putting all parts together, you get astonished by the result. Are you ready to start this way? So, here is the first step:

How to Write a Narrative Essay

As a student you constantly have to write numerous essays. Two main issues students usually have are the lack of ideas and on the contrary – immense amount of ideas. But there is something that may help you write no matter the circumstances. It is passion. When a person has something to tell, something to share and explore his or her limits, writing an essay stops being a problem and becomes a way to challenge oneself. And what is more, you do not have to feel like this type of assignment is there to burden you and steal all your free time. Writing an essay is the best way to check both your knowledge and understanding of the subject as well as explore what you are capable of. It is much more accurate than some test where student can simply guess the right answer. And, since there is no way to escape this type of assignment, try to enjoy it and learn how to do it right. This way you will have a quality time and get a decent grade without breaking a sweat. Here are some tips to guide you and help you to write an excellent narrative essay.

Become a Storyteller

Storytelling has a great impact when you write a narrative essay. If you do not know where to begin, try to develop your storyline or plot first. Note down all points you want to include - be it the main idea or some additional remarks. Do not force yourself to start with the introduction. This may give you a writing block and take away your precious inspiration, and you definitely do not want it to happen. Your best option is to start coming up with plot ideas no matter how insane or inappropriate they seem at first. Think of what could happen, where you want it to take place and who is going to be there. Do not hold your ideas down, in the end they may turn out to be rare jewels!

Create a Setting and Characters

Try to think of where your story starts. That is where your creative abilities are indispensable! If you manage to strike life into the world of your story it will be easy to unfold your plot there. Moreover, a good setting can carry away your readers and leave a fadeless impression. Same thing works for your characters. Their personality and attitude, manners and habits can form unique individuals inside of your world. They do not have to resemble you and you don’t have to feel responsible or embarrassed if their actions seem erroneous. Let them make mistakes and develop your story. This way you will not get stuck in the middle of narration.

Develop the Story

Now once you have key ideas, setting and characters let the story unfold. Do not try to make each moment eventful, make it flow naturally. You can use different methods but try to make writing pleasant and relaxing. You can try to visualize the actions or imagine what you would do in a situation like this. If you feel that you are stuck with some part of your narrative essay, do not struggle and try to develop another one. And of course, keep in mind that there should be some kind of climax in your story. Make your reader gasp in happiness, delight, surprise or grief. If you have a plot twist on your mind, it is even better!

After you are done with the writing part, ask someone for proofreading. And this is it – your narrative essay is complete.